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3 Ways to Avoid the Burst

Hot Water BottleWhat do you do when it hurts too much? What do you do when the pain is more than you can bear?

The other day, my son borrowed my favorite hot water bottle from my childhood – the kind you use when you have a tummy ache, or to stay warm on a cold night. I liked this hot water bottle the best because it’s thick and it holds the heat in much longer.

He ran the water in the shower until it was hot as could be and filled it to the seams.

I should have said something. Usually I leave some room for the water to move around.

Then he put it between his feet to keep him warm in our cold house.  Due to regular karate work-outs, he has strong feet. The next thing I knew, I was looking at my burst water bottle – my favorite one, the one that always worked, from childhood.

Okay, so I tend to be a bit too sentimental sometimes.

“Explain to me again how that happened,” I asked a second time, in shock. My son was obviously sorry about it.

Sometimes it feels like we’re filled with water, as hot as can be, and we are bursting at the seams. When is the last time you felt that way?

So how can we avoid the fate of that water bottle that bursts, even when we feel out of control of our situation because of someone else’s choices? How can we get our temperature back down to normal and keep from shrieking out loud and scaring everyone, or saying something terrible that we will regret later?

Here are 3 things which have worked for me:

  1. Open up the lid so it can come out naturally. You need some relief, so how can you get that relief in a way which is not harmful? Depending on your knack, you may need to talk to a friend, or spew out your true feelings to God in a letter that you can then delete, or you may even need to run a few miles and sweat it out. But in some way, get that hot water OUT naturally.
  2. Now fill it up with some cold water. Recall the truth. Fill your thoughts with what is right and good, what is reasonable, what is long-term. Give yourself perspective. Speak truth out loud to yourself.
  3. Finally, put the lid back on. Now you are ready to go back to being a water bottle that is operational. Do the next thing that needs to be done.

Tell me, what has worked for you?

(By the way, do you know what? It took me 5 minutes to locate a new thick water bottle on amazon. It should arrive by Tuesday.)

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