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A Case of the Whys

Typwriter KeysIt is so much work, Lord. Is it really important that I do it? Is this going to have long-term value? Does it really matter?

I could do what I wanted to do – sit down and relax – or I could go back to the computer and write.

My book, When God Is Faithful, And Your Husband Isn’t, took me about 12 years from start to finish. Truly it was like giving birth to a baby, except it took much longer. Of course, I was also raising three children, homeschooling them, and teaching writing classes at the same time – all as a single parent.

I knew with deep conviction that I was supposed to write the book, even while the events of the book were unfolding. I always said that my story could have ended in tragedy like many stories I have heard, but instead, God’s evidences of His visible Hand kept me secure in his close presence. I knew that these stories were treasures to share with others to encourage them about how God is alive and real and how he wants to be part of their lives, too.

I knew, that I knew, that I knew that I had to get it finished, and in the summer of 2008, I sat down every day with my laptop in front of me. I already had 400 pages of written work, stories, journals, dates, events, photos, and more. It took me two weeks just to put it all in chronological order.

I had written some stories four times or more already. Others, the hard ones, I had to really work at. Writing is work. Grueling. Sometimes it is fun, but other times it is pure choice. Once you have something down, it is then time to sculpt, shape, and transform it into something that others can read, understand, and experience.

A book is only the first step; it’s a baby. Then, it is time for the baby to grow up. For my book, that meant adding resources to help others. A website. A blog. Sometimes I wondered, you know, should I really be putting so much time into this? Over here it needs this and over there it needs that. So much more to do.

“Why, Lord, should I just not give up on this call, on this long term project?”

Then, I heard Him whisper to me, “I never give up on you.”

Startled, I handled those words like the few precious shells that I like to gather at the beach on my long walks. I repeated the words to myself. He never gives up on me.

God can be depended on. Now I wanted to be depended on, too.


“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;

who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Hebrews 12:2




Have the tedious chores of the day ever felt that way to you? Monotonous? Repetitive? Lacking vision?

What do you do to get yourself to sit down at the computer and work, or to help you do what you are called to do?

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