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When Tragedy Happens and Grief Comes In Like a Flood

It was not long ago that I took a walk on the beach during a hurricane. I don’t recommend doing this, and I am not sure that I’d do it again. Since the storm was starting to head out to sea, my brother and I assumed that by this time […]

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The Goodie Club

Do you have a case of the Guilty-Go-Gos? That’s the feeling of being bad and then tending to Go-Go to hide instead of deciding to enter the presence of God through reading the Bible or prayer? Have you ever let a guilty conscience keep you from accepting the good gifts […]

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3 Ways to Avoid the Burst

What do you do when it hurts too much? What do you do when the pain is more than you can bear? The other day, my son borrowed my favorite hot water bottle from my childhood – the kind you use when you have a tummy ache, or to stay […]

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