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Change Does Happen

Grass and SkyHave you ever heard the saying, “This too shall pass”? The words help to give perspective and may help, also, when you find yourself in a time period that you feel will never, never end. If that time is bad, then it really helps to know that it will not last forever.

For instance, if you’ve had small ones, was there a time when you could not even find privacy in the bathroom because those sweet little faces and pleas for help followed you around their every waking hour?

Or maybe, you have had an experience like I did when our family went on a whale-watching tour in the ocean on a family vacation. Bad idea. Cloudy weather made for turbulent waves. Rising and falling swells made for a seasick ride on our tummies which were full from our recent breakfast. I felt like those long, long minutes would last forever. I felt so badly seasick.

I remember sitting on the back of the fishing boat repeating to myself, “This too shall pass,” even though it didn’t feel that way at all.

One day a day came when I no longer had small faces following me everywhere I went. The day after my oldest turned 13 was the first time that I could legally leave her in charge of the other two kids while I ran to the store on my own. She’d been ready and responsible for quite some time, but, well, I wanted to be legal about it.

So after giving careful instructions to all 3 children and making sure that the kids knew my cell phone number, I drove three or four miles down the street and parked in the lot of Sam’s Club.

I went inside. This felt so different. So strange. So free.

I took time to look at the labels and to give some actual thought about what I wanted to buy. Then I came across the book table loaded with tempting titles.

The row next to the book table happened to display office chairs for sale. I “put 2 and 2 together” and before you knew it, I had a book and I sat in a chair.

I read the whole thing. Well, I kind of did skim it because I had the kids in the back of my mind. But I enjoyed it.

After I’d been in the store for about an hour, I checked out, packed up the van with the groceries, and headed home.

Yes, that day had begun a new era. I’d loved every moment of B13 (Before 13), but now, we had stepped into a new dimension.

The teen years had arrived.

Remember this when something seems too hard. “This, too, shall pass.”

Change does happen.

What methods have you used to help you through those tough times?

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