Keys to Victory

Ocean Waves

Have you ever been afraid that when that really big one hits, just like a gigantic wave, you’ll be washed way out to the sea, or tossed violently to its shore?

I go to the ocean a lot, but usually not swimming. Mostly, I love to take long walks on the beach, watching dolphins jump in their arcs, seeing the seagulls dive in for fish just underneath the surface, or looking at the sandpipers playing “catch me if you can” with the waves licking the sand.

But I’ve been tumbled by those waves when I’ve swam in the ocean before, especially when I’d not gotten out beyond the breakers. There in the knee-to-waist deep water I’ve literally moved as a target for a large wave sure to come.

Without a plan to dive below its strength and submerge myself, just for a minute, in the deep water resting on its quieter floor, I’d instead find myself picked up and tossed to the shore in wave after tumbling wave, spinning me so that I didn’t know up and I didn’t know down. Usually the bad sour taste of ocean water coated my tongue and my throat and my lips crisped with drying saltiness.

Exhausted I’d find myself laying horizontal on the sandy, rocky part of the shore and looking up at the bright sun beaming it’s warmth down on me, with sand in my hair and in my suit, scratched and roughed-up, and shaken up for sure.

Honestly, there’s got to be a better way to go swimming in the ocean.

“But the people

that do know their God

shall be strong,

and do exploits.”

Daniel 11:32b (KJV)