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It’s real. Really bad things happen sometimes.

Is God BIG enough?

Refreshingly honest, this book explores the details of a husband’s betrayal – the emotion, the reaction, and, more important, how God obviously intervenes when the author turns to God for help. Running TO God is the answer during times of trouble.

“I didn’t expect for one of the hardest things in my life to also be one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. God was so real. People would stop and look at me and begin to cry. And I would look back at them and say, ‘Don’t you see Jesus? He is standing right here beside me. It’s all okay.'”

“I knew only two things to do when I was suddenly shocked by my husband’s terrible betrayal when my children were the ages of 5 years old, 3 years old, and 4 weeks old, and while we were living 3000 miles away from the home where I’d grown up.

“First, I’d been taught and believed that there was no question about choosing to forgive. God had forgiven me, and I had made a vow as a teenager in a Bible Study that no matter what, I would always forgive other people. And in this case, even my husband, the person closest to me. That was a hard one. But by forgiving him, God could then take care of the situation for me and I didn’t have to worry.

“The second thing I knew to do was to praise God in all circumstances. Even before I knew how bad it was, I began to praise God. It was like working hard to take each step when you are just learning to walk. But as I continued to praise and to worship God every day, God helped me to praise Him even more. It was like I was surrounded by God’s presence – it was like being in a God bubble – and He sent many different people to help me.”

Offering hope and encouragement, not just for women in similar situations, but for all who would like to see God in action in a real-life crisis, this book will build your faith tremendously and help you with your own reactions to trials.

Well-written and engaging, this is a book that you cannot put down. “I stayed up past midnight three nights in a row in order to finish your book,” one reader writes. Another one picked it up at 4:00 PM and had it finished by noon the next day.
You will learn from this book:

· Seven keys to help you walk through even the most soul-crushing crisis with victory.
· Faith in God and in His Word to thrive in His plan for your life.
· How to pray more effectively, even in the midst of crisis.
· To recognize the signs of an unfaithful spouse.
· To understand the serious dangers of pornography.
and much more… this book is invaluable.

Janice Porter Lynch holds a degree in psychology and has had the privilege to homeschool her three children. She has over 30 years of experience in ministry to youth and women. She is both a writer and a speaker.

You can find out more about the author and the book at . You can get your copy of the book When God is Faithful, and Your Husband Isn’t at Amazon and other fine online bookstores.




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