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Key For You: How To Find God’s Direction in Your Particular Circumstance

Every situation of an unfaithful spouse has some surprisingly similar elements, and yet each one is also alarmingly unique. Just like when it comes to the educational choices for our children, there are options. It is not a “one-size fits all” blueprint when your husband suddenly exits, except in the […]

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A Case of the Whys

It is so much work, Lord. Is it really important that I do it? Is this going to have long-term value? Does it really matter? I could do what I wanted to do – sit down and relax – or I could go back to the computer and write. My […]

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New Workbook Coming Soon for Book Study!

Being back in California proved monumental! God’s perfect timing! After a long wait of over twelve years, it was like eating a dessert smorgasboard as I met new friends and renewed old ones over a two-week period with all my kids along for the ride! Forever grateful! Thank you to […]

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