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“That’s Impossible!”

Rainbow in the mountainsHave you ever lost something that you’d been working on for hours and hours and hours? I have. That’s what happened to me after a couple of years of editing my book.

I’d been writing the book, When God Is Faithful, And Your Husband Isn’t, since 1999. Finally in 2008, I’d completed the rough draft after sitting in a chair every day all summer.

But then there were more edits. Important edits. It was coming together – slower  than I would have liked, but still coming…Until the computer ate it.

My PC turned my final document into gibberish. What had happened? I stared and stared at the screen after opening the file to begin work that day. I felt weary beyond belief. No. NO. NO! I cannot begin this all over again.

My hopes sunk into the bottom of my stomach and remained submerged. I checked, and double-checked, and then I rechecked for the document in my computer and I begged for it to come to life.

So I called in the experts. There was a man from my church who worked in the computer field and he came over with a friend. When they could not figure it out, he phoned in a favor from a company who, he said, “really knew what they were doing.” Together we worked and worked and worked on recovering the large document which remained unreadable and full of funky text.

“Well, the experienced man from the computer company said, “It’s impossible, and it would take a miracle. Somehow the text wrote over itself. I’m sorry to say, there is nothing that we can do. It’s not recoverable. It’s gone.”

The word “impossible” was all that I needed to hear. I knew, that I knew, that I knew that God was good at the impossible and that He was in the business of making miracles. Faith welled up in my heart for the first time that evening when the man declared the situation impossible.

“Then I am going to ask God for a miracle,” I said. “He is good at that.”

Everyone went home. Every time I thought about my huge problem, I remembered out loud that God is good at miracles. All I could do was put it into His Hands.

At church on Sunday, I came across a friend whose husband liked to play with computers. “Send your file to him, and see what he can do,” my friend, Chris, said.

A few days later, the phone rang. It was my friend’s husband. “I think I got it,” he said. “It looks like the computer inserted all kinds of code intermingled with your words. As I go through and erase the code, your text is beginning to reappear!”

I literally jumped with joy at hearing that God had done His miracle.


“Is anything too hard for the Lord”

Genesis 18:14a



When they said it was impossible, I knew that the only one I had left to turn to was God. God is faithful. If He had a plan for my book, then He would rescue it even when I could not.

Has God ever answered an impossible prayer for you?

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