In One Day, the World Can Become a Different Place.

There are challenging days and even bad days, but then there are days when our lives are turned entirely upside down…our very world changes. After nine years of marriage, that terrible day of deceit, betrayal, and abandonment came for Janice Lynch, seeking to destroy her.

Far from being destroyed, Janice rose from the ashes to thrive in life through her faith in God and the truths she shares in this book.

By reading When God is Faithful and Your Husband Isn’t, you will:

  • Gain 7 keys to help you walk through even the most soul-crushing crisis with victory.
  • Build your faith in God and in His Word to thrive in His plan for your life.
  • Learn how to pray more effectively, even in the midst of crisis.
  • Recognize the signs of an unfaithful spouse.
  • Understand the hidden dangers of pornography.

and much more…

God has plans for each of us, to prosper us and not to harm us. No matter how life may look right now, with When God is Faithful And Your Husband Isn’t, you will be equipped to thrive in your life.


  • jmd7799

    Thx Janice for writing your “When God is Faithful” book. It was very inspiring and encouraging to see how you truly called out to God in the midst of your challenges, and to see how God was so faithful in taking care of all your needs. I would highly recommend this book to others. God’s best to you and your family!!