What Others Say

“I could not put it down! I found it totally captivating, challenging, and encouraging to my faith! I hope it gets into the hands of those who desperately need it as soon as possible.” – Carol T.Open Book

“I found this book to be a heartwarming story of one woman’s courageous faith in the midst of very trying circumstances.” – Ben W.

“It was shocking to see what happened to you; it was astounding to see what God did for you.” – Nancy W.

“Seeing how God met the author in her darkest hour will give you strength for your hour.” – Susan W.

“This account of God’s detailed care for us is amazing!” – Lori Y.

“This took an incredible amount of bravery to write and you are to be commended for doing so. This is a strong story and needs to be shared.” – Jeff D.

“I kept saying to myself how I felt just like that, time and again in my own situation!” – Judy P.

“a page turner…” – Frances B.

“No matter what your particular trial is, I am confident that your own faith will be inspired when you read what happened when this ordinary woman chose to trust and obey the most extraordinary ‘I Am.’ I’ve got a long list of single moms who would love to read it.” Mary C.

“Scripture teaches that the Lord does not leave us nor forsake us, especially in the worst of times. This book testifies to God’s faithfulness and love for those who persevere through a severe trial. As the detailed story unfolded, my faith increased as I read how God ministers in specific ways to care for His beloved children. But more importantly, as each page was turned, joy grew along with faith, and my heart was inspired to love the Savior more! We need to have more books on the shelf that tell the intimate story of how God works through hardship in real people’s lives–and this is one such book!” Sandy D.

“I really found the chapter on how to walk through any crisis extremely helpful – so I took notes on that for use in my own life.” – Michelle E.

“In the midst of the storm, Janice’s faith and trust has directed her to confidently step out of the boat to venture dependently focused on the prize!” – Mary H.

“As one who was there, I remember what happened to you as being so utterly shocking – like a bad dream. But I praise God that He is bigger than the worst of circumstances! Your story shares how He can sustain us no matter what trials we may face. The book was very hard to put down.” – Kathy E.

“Janice inspires any reader with her story on how to live through a crushing discovery by brandishing what is like a secret weapon – a faithful and compassionate God forever on her side. (Lamentations 3:22)” – David and Lorraine L.

Reading at Home

“Just look at what amazing things God can still do when someone significant in your life fails you.” – Joyce H.
“Janice Lynch maintained strong trust in God in the face of loss and betrayal in her marriage. I pray her story will encourage many others.” –Joshua Harris, Lead Pastor Covenant Life Church

“In the midst of great pain and abandonment, Janice learned to trust the Lord in ways she had never done before. This is a compelling story of God’s provision, healing and restoration. I am confident that every reader will be encouraged and inspired.” Mary H.

“Your story is so powerful. It fills me with faith and trust in God.” – Nancy L.

“Having been part of the author’s life as her teacher and mentor since 1982, I have watched God at work in her life for many, many years. God’s promises are sure and true. (Jer 29:11)” – Barry L.

“This story is truly amazing and a genuine example of Romans 8:28.” – Lissa L.

“I wanted to encourage you that your story is making an impact. As I see how you and others stepped out in faith and were led by the Holy Spirit, I am encouraged to do the same.”- Chris M.

“Reading this has increased my faith in God, our great Father. It instructed & encouraged me in the way I shall face trials in my own life. What a blessing to read!” – Lisa M.

“I’ll never forget knocking (pounding) on your door that terrible morning in 1999. While your husband never answered, it’s clear that the Lord did, and He provided healing and a wonderful future for you. I thank God for his faithfulness to you and your family.” – Donald

“The story is beautifully written! Janice’s unswerving faith kept me reading and I could not put it down.” – Tina L.

“A story that proclaims the mystery of how God’s love and grace are enough to walk through any trial with faith.” – Adam M.

“This book is an amazing picture of how God can lead us through one of the most difficult trials, the betrayal of a spouse, and bring us out on the other side, joyful and whole. I got the book yesterday and finished it this morning.” – Dawn M.

“To God Be The Glory! I am honored to have been able to read such an inspiring book. God always shows up in ways much bigger than we could ever imagine! – Shelly M.

“Fresh, true proof that no tragedy is beyond the healing power of God. Buy two books! One to read yourself and one to encourage a friend who may be going through a tough time.” – Amber O.

“It is truly a peek into a life of adventure with Jesus despite terrible circumstances.” – Susan P.

“You can have great hope because God does pull us through difficult times.” – Nancy P.

“Janice’s book is a fantastic window into how God works on the behalf of those He loves.” Jeannie P.

“The book clearly communicates that God is real and that He actively intervenes in our lives. This book should be read by all, in whatever experience we confront, because it increases our faith in God and in His love and care for us.” – Ava R.

“I read it again more than once to remind myself how to get through my own personal crisis of a different nature.” – Beverly R.

As a fellow single mom, this book was a reminder to me of God’s continual faithfulness, intimate care and constant wisdom. In the midst of any of our trying circumstances, God is all loving, all powerful and all good. He can be trusted. – Michelle S.

“I’ve known the author personally since she was a young teen, and it’s been a wonderful pleasure to watch God’s faithfulness at work in her life too many times to count – and to be reminded of how He also offers this to each one of us.” – RoseMarie S.

“An absolutely riveting account. It was inspiring to see how God supernaturally protected, sustained, and intervened on behalf of a woman who put her total trust in Him.” – Vicki S.

God can use the most unexpected moments in life to bring about the biggest blessings. Thank you for sharing from your heart!” – Maureen S.

“I am so encouraged by your story and excited of the news that it will be in print. You have no idea how often I have spoken about you to encourage others. I remember that you recorded prayers for when you couldn’t pray and always had worship music playing. I remember how respectful you were of your husband by not saying bad things about him. I remember your smile in the midst of great sadness. That is only accomplished by and through our Creator and Sustainer, Jesus.” – Denise T.

“We all like to think we would trust God with every situation in our lives. Janice is living proof of putting complete trust in the Lord, not knowing where He is going to lead her and her family, but knowing the One she follows. This is a story of hope and healing. If you have ever gone through a loss, you need to read Janice’s story, it will change your perspective and draw you closer to Jesus, the source of all hope and healing!” – Jan A

“Janice’s story is a testimony to the faithfulness of God in an otherwise impossibly
painful situation. Page after page, the message is so clear and real: We can trust
the Lord through everything and come out victorious. Even though it was so different from my own difficult situation – the same principles apply and are a huge help to me. Thank you!” – Sheila B.