My Prayer For You

A Prayer For The One Who Has Just Discovered Her Spouse Has Been Unfaithful…

Hand of Peace

Dear Lord,

I bring this dear one to You for help. She needs You.

I know that You can see her fear and pain and anger. I know that You can see her confusion and how she feels that her life has just been completely undone. Her future looks like one big question mark, and all that she thought was secure is gone. Lord, let her feel Your closeness in this. Let her feel Your comfort.

God, I know that You have planned for this very moment when she has become aware of this. You knew what was going on in her spouse’s life and heart and thoughts even though she has just discovered it. You already have a plan in place to help her with all that she needs now. Help her to be convinced of this, Lord, the fact that You really care about her and this really matters to You even more than she can comprehend.

Lord, You hate wrongdoing. You hate to see one of Your own suffer like this. You take up our cause. You are our advocate.

You are powerful, God. You are Almighty. You are with us. You never leave us alone, not even for a minute.

Please surround this one with Your Presence. Help her heart to turn to You in every way. Help her to trust You.
So Lord, provide for her today, abundantly. Provide for her to walk a straight path. Provide for her as she cares for others. Give her wisdom about every step which she is to take.Let her see Your movement in her life today, God. Help her to count her blessings that result from Your goodness. Help her to know that You will help her walk in a victorious place –even in a trial such as this one.

Hold her hand.

Lord, You are the best husband and the best friend that a girl can have. Come alongside of her and let her enjoy Your closeness, and Your peace. Peace can only come from You.

Help her to remember the ways You have worked in her life before, and let the Bible verses that she has memorized in the past spring to life in her mind.

I entrust my sister today to You, Lord, because I know that You can take care of her.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.